Are Full Tower Cases Worth It? A Quick Guide

A full tower PC case allows you to install beefy components and multiple devices at the same time. But do you really need to invest extra money to buy a full tower PC case when there are other options available? Where a full tower PC case gives you maximum space to install components, it also comes with a higher price tag and larger footprints. In this guide, we will discuss the pros and cons of having a full-tower PC case to help you make an informed decision.

Full tower PC cases are worth buying if you planning to build a high-end gaming PC or workstation with a beefy liquid cooling solution, powerful graphics card, and multiple storage devices.

Pros of Full Tower PC Case

Here are the main benefits of having a full tower chassis:

Enough Space for Beefy Hardware

The main reason many gaming enthusiasts and content creators go for a full tower case is because of its extra space. There’s plenty of headroom inside a full tower chassis to accommodate a high-end custom liquid cooling solution and beefy graphics cards.

There are multiple bays inside a full tower chassis that allow you to expand your storage by adding multiple hard drives and SSDs at the same time.

Are Full Tower Cases Worth It
Internal view of a full tower case

Most full tower cases stand between 22 to 27 inches in height and up to 9 inches in width. These dimensions allow them to accommodate large-size hardware like an E-ATX motherboard, power supply, graphics card, etc. Therefore, more space allows you to customize your build with your preferred parts.

Excellent Cooling Performance

Full tower PC cases are best known for their massive cooling performance. There are multiple fa mounts on such chassis to install different-sized radiators. This allows the maximum airflow inside the PC case to cool down the components.

If you are opting for components that generate a lot of heat, then having a bigger PC case would definitely give you an edge in cooling down those components. If you are living in a hot or humid environment, then going for a large-size PC case does make a lot of sense.

I’ve written a detailed guide about different PC case sizes that help you know more about what type of PC case is good for you.

full tower case has better cooling
Source: PCBuildingLab

In my personal opinion, the only benefit that a full-tower PC case would give you over ATX or mid-tower PC case is more space and better cooling. It’s not always the large size of a PC case that would result in plenty of cooling. There are some PC chassis that cost well under $100 and deliver optimal cooling performance.

Better Cable Management

Cable management helps in improving the airflow and offering a cluttered look to your build. Most full tower PC cases come with cable routing holes, tie-down points, and grommets to take care of unwanted hardware cables.

Some large PC chassis also come up with built-in panels or cable covers to fully conceal the cables. All of these features allow you to reroute your hardware cables from the back of the motherboard, thus enhancing the overall look of your build (if you have a chassis with a side glass panel).

Therefore, better cable management not only makes your build appealing but also helps in improving the airflow inside your case. All of this helps in giving an aesthetic look to your case while improving its performance by lowering the temperature.

Cons of Full Tower PC Case

Where there are some benefits, you also come up with some drawbacks as well:

High Price

The extra space for components and massive cooling adds extra $$$ to the overall cost of a full tower PC case. And if you prefer some extra features like RGB lighting, advanced I/Os, and dust filters on a full tower chassis, then your bill may easily climb over $500 in some cases.

So, if you are tight on budget, then a full tower case is a no-go option for you. It would be better if you go with a mid-tower or micro-ATX PC case to build your PC.

Large Footprints

A full tower case swaps a lot of space on your desk or the surface on which you’ve placed it. So, if you are living in a small condo or room, then going with a full tower case would make your room congested.

Due to their massive dimensions, full-tower PC cases are difficult to transport from one place to another. The extra materials used in the construction of such a large PC case make it heavy enough to move around.


So, based on all the pros and cons connected with a full tower PC case we come up with a conclusion here. If you are building a PC with high-end cooling and a lot of beefy hardware, then a full tower PC case is what you should consider. Especially, if your intentions are to build an extremely powerful gaming PC or workstation that will require top-tier hardware.

A full tower PC case gives you a lot of space to install whatever hardware you wish for. Plus, there’s plenty of cooling that comes with a large-sized PC case to cool down those beefy components.

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