Best Screwdriver Set for PC Building

Best Screwdriver Set for PC Building

You can come across screws of different sizes whenever you build a PC from scratch. Therefore, it’s better to have the best screwdriver set in your room or lab whenever you are assembling PC parts.

Now you can simply go with a standard screwdriver set or a magnetic one that comes with interchangeable bits. No matter whichever variant you choose, the main purpose is to assemble the hardware inside the chassis.

But technically speaking, a magnetic screwdriver gives you a lot of control over the screws so you can easily fit them in hard-to-reach areas inside your PC case. Also, the magnetic force keeps the screw attached to the screwdriver throughout the task.

Furthermore, if you are highly involved in PC building projects, then it’s better to go with ratcheting screwdriver sets. They come with a ratchet mechanism to prevent any hand injuries and enable PC builders to work in hard-to-reach areas.

Also, the ratcheting screwdrivers make driving screws by hand faster and more efficient as compared to traditional screwdrivers.

So, we’ve included all types of screwdriver sets for assembling your PC build on this list. So seasonal and professional PC builders both can choose the one that falls to their needs and budget.

Quick Shopping Tips

Before we dig down, here’s what you need to know before buying a screwdriver set for building a PC.

  • Type: You should know about the type or size of screwdriver that is used in assembling PC parts. Most PC hardware is assembled by means of a cross-head screwdriver. However, some older PC parts come with flat-head screws as well. So, make sure you have both the flat-head and cross-head bits in the package.
  • Design: Look for a screwdriver that has an ergonomic design to it. Make sure that the screwdriver comes with a cushioned handle or soft textures to avoid any fatigue to your hands.

Here are the top options to consider:

List of the Best Screwdriver Set for PC Building

Klein Tools 85078 – Tough Build Quality Pick

  • 8 screwdrivers of different sizes
  • Non-slip cushion grip handle
  • two cabinet tips, two keystone tips, and four Phillips-head tips
best screwdriver set for pc building

The Kelvin Tools 85078 comes includes a set of 8 screwdrivers out of which 4 are cross-head screwdrivers. It’s unlikely that you’ll anything else out of these four cross-head screwdrivers to assemble your PC.

The set also includes 4 flat-heat screwdrivers in case you are dealing with older hardware or PC chassis that support these kinds of bits.

There are 2 small screwdrivers that you can use for tightening the screws on SSDs or hard drives. Phillips #2 screwdrivers are already present in this set to take care of delicate devices.

Some screws are deep inside the tunnel on the front and back of the PC case. In those scenarios, you can use the flat-head screwdrivers that are already included in this Kelvin Tools screwdriver kit.

All of these 8 screwdrivers come with a cushioned handle to prevent any slippage or fatigue to your hand. The cushioned handle also makes these screwdrivers a bit fatter, providing you with more torque.

The internal flangs beneath the cushion handle provide a twist-resistant blade anchor when dealing with naughty screws. With naughty screws, we mean the ones that are found with older hard drives or power supplies.

Furthermore, the Kelvin tools have plated all of these screwdrivers with chromium to make them corrosion-resistant. So, this makes these screwdrivers durable for longer use.

Overall, the Kelvin Tools screwdriver set is comfortable to use and includes screwdrivers of all sizes needed for PC building. Although this set is a bit more expensive than other screwdriver sets on the market, it gives you the right value for the price you pay for it.

CRAFTSMAN Ratcheting Screwdriver – Best Value for Professional PC Builders

  • Excellent rotation control
  • Added grip texture for heavy torque application
  • Bits of different sizes included
good screwdriver set for PC assembling

The Craftsman Ratcheting screwdriver is packed with some innovative features you’ll hardly find in another screwdriver brand on the market. To be honest, we always recommend new PC builders try ratchet screwdrivers instead of standard ones.

You really don’t need to twist your hands all the way around the handle to screw or unscrew it. Just hold the black knob in the middle and twist the handle back and forth to get the job done, it’s that simple.

The set comes with a lot of bits of different sizes, but you won’t need all of them to assemble a PC. We are more interested in the Phillips head bits that are commonly used for assembling the PC parts.

the Craftsman ratcheting screwdriver
the portable case comes with a Craftsman ratcheting screwdriver

At the tip of each bit, you’ll find black oxide coating to reduce faster stripping and cam-out. The coating also makes these bits easy enough to precisely fit in all types of screw heads.

Craftsman has opted for the magnetic shaft to attach the bit firmly to it. And this is something that’s not present in the Kelvin Tools 85078 screwdriver set we’ve discussed above.

Also, this ratcheting screwdriver is cheaper than the standard Kelvin Tools 85078 driver set.

Overall, the Craftsman ratcheting screwdriver is comfortable, easy to grip, and has an innovative ratcheting mechanism to reduce your efforts while assembling a PC. It comes with a portable case in which you can place it and carry it anywhere you want.

STANLEY Fatmax Screwdriver – The Most Durable and Affordable Ratcheting Screwdriver for PC Assembling

  • 3 Positions ratcheting mechanism
  • Convenient bit storage
  • Textured handle for higher torque
  • 6 Chrome-vanadium coated bits
high-quality ratcheting screwdriver to assemble computer parts

The Stanley FatMax ratcheting screwdriver is a tough-built product with a glass-fibre construction and a comfy grip to prevent fatigue to your hand. It comes with a ratcheting collar that has three positions, clockwise, counter-clockwise, and manual driving.

Just like the Craftsman ratcheting screwdriver, the Stanley ratcheting screwdriver also comes with a magnetic shaft to attach the bits directly to it without any effort.

There are a total of 6 bits that are coated in Chrome-vanadium for added durability. The bits are precisely cut and easily sit on the top of screws that are torn out or have rust on them.

The ratchet mechanism on this screwdriver isn’t as versatile as we had on the Craftsman screwdriver, but it’ll do the job it’s made for. We wish Stanley had included a free-turning collar at the start of the shaft to make it more effortless.

But the ratcheting on this screwdriver is smoother and it doesn’t feel as if you are using a low-budget screwdriver to build your PC.

The black rubber portion on the handle makes it comfortable to hold even if your hands are sweaty. The textured plastic enables you to put in little effort while maximizing the torque.

Overall, it’s the cheapest ratcheting screwdriver that you can use for assembling or repairing PC parts. It comes with the most needed high-quality bits and has a ratcheting mechanism for putting less effort into tightening the screws.

Kaisi Precision Screwdriver Set Professional – A Reliable Option

  • 56 Magnetized bits
  • Ergonomic design
  • Other PC building tools also included
  • Low price tag
PC building kit screwdrivers

Kaisi brand just not offers you the much-needed bits but also the other essential tools needed for effective PC building. From anti-static wristbands to spudgers, everything is included in this package.

The set comes with 52-magnetized bits coated with S2 stainless steel material. The S2 coating makes these bits tougher as compared to the ones that come with CR-V coating.

The screwdriver handle itself is very ergonomic and doesn’t cause any fatigue to your hands even if you use it for long hours.

It’s a multifunction screwdriver toolkit for assembling or repairing desktop or laptop computers. If you own a computer repair shop, then this is a complete kit you can have for a lower price.

It’s a Chinese brand, so we are not sure how long these bits would last. But at least for $16, you get a lot of magnetized bits and essential tools for building a PC from scratch.

Basics Precision Ratcheting Driver – The Cheapest Option

  • 24 bits
  • Chrome-Vanadium coated for extra life
  • Holder case
Amazon basics screwdriver set

The set includes a lot of bits and mini sockets along with a ratchet screwdriver handle.

But technically speaking, this isn’t the kit that is meant for professional PC builders. Yes if you assemble or disassemble your PC once a year, then it’s the cheapest bargain to go with.

Although it has a lot of CR-V bits, mini-sockets, and a magnifying glass, it doesn’t stand up to the quality that is offered by Craftsman and Stanley ratcheting screwdriver sets.

If you compare the ratcheting mechanism of this set with the Stanley and Craftsman screwdriver then you’ll see the difference by yourself.

Even the handle grip on the screwdriver doesn’t have enough texture for a comfy grip. And you may suffer from holding it firmly if your hands are sweaty.

So, for seasonal PC builders, it’s the most affordable screwdriver set to get. But for professional PC builders, it’s a no-go option.


Building a PC from scratch is fun, but at the same time, it’s a tiring task. Using a reliable screwdriver set for building your dream machine would make your job much easier. Also, you’ll put less effort into assembling PC parts if you use ratchet screwdrivers instead of traditional ones.

We recommend going with Craftsman or Stanley screwdriver set to build your desktop PCs. Both of these brands offer plenty of value for a small fraction of money.


Is it OK to use a magnetic screwdriver when building a PC?

Some people are confused to go with magnetic screwdrivers as they think that might cause damage to internal parts of a device. It’s completely safe to use the magnetic screwdriver for assembling your computer. The magnetic force in the tip of a screwdriver isn’t strong enough to cause any damage to the ICs or MOSFETs.

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