Best CPU & Motherboard Combos for Gaming [2022]

a complete guide to motherboard CPU combo deal

It’s always your motherboard and CPU that decide what other parts you could go after. And if you are building a gaming PC from scratch, it’s better to look out for the best CPU and motherboard combo deals. You’ll end up with a lot of deals on different marketplaces lying in different budget segments. The … Read more

Best Screwdriver Set for PC Building [2022]

buying guide to screwdrivers for assembling or repairing computers

You can come across screws of different sizes whenever you build a PC from scratch. Therefore, it’s better to have the best screwdriver set in your room or lab whenever you are assembling PC parts. Now you can simply go with a standard screwdriver set or a magnetic one that comes with interchangeable bits. No … Read more

Best Budget DDR4 RAM for Ryzen CPUs in 2022

guide to best budget RAM for Ryzen chips

With the latest generation of Ryzen CPUs ripping apart the traditional clock speeds, you’ll need the best RAM for your Ryzen CPU to avoid any bottleneck. RAM modules come with different clock speeds and it’s hard to figure out which one would work best with your CPU. Most DDR4 modules come with a clock speed … Read more

Best Budget Mini PC for Gaming [2022]

budget mini pc gaming guide

‘Mini PCs cannot be used for gaming purposes is just a figment of imagination. In fact, there are Mini PCs that are way more powerful and useful than a regular desktop or even laptop. Many prefer Mini PCs because they are super convenient and pocket-friendly. You can even buy a Mini for under 300 USD! … Read more

Best High Airflow PC Case Under $100 [2022]

good airflow PC cases

Picking the right PC case for your build is the most crucial step in PC building. The market is filled with PC cases that offer premium features and unique designs. But there are some features that most gamers barely use and end up paying a lot of money for. So there’s no sense in spending … Read more

Best Prebuilt Gaming PC Under $900 [2022]

prebuilt 900 dollar gaming pc

With the increasing price of PC hardware all over the world, it’s really hard for gamers to buy a decent gaming PC. It’s not about just saving money on your build, but there’s always some sort of performance expectation that you need out of that PC. Now, if you are tight on budget and want … Read more

Best Mini PC Under $300 [2022] – Top Picks

Complete guide to mini desktop PCs on budget

Computers have shrunk a lot in the past few years. We now have mini PCs that are packed with way better features than laptops and personal computers. Moreover, these mini PCs are cost-effective, consume less space and power, and are customizable as well. The main reason people are interested in buying a mini PC is … Read more

Cheap High-End Gaming PC Under $1000 [2022]

building a cheap gaming pc

Tired of the lag on your old computer when playing games? It’s time to build your new gaming PC to experience gaming like never before. Instead of buying a pre-built gaming PC, it’s better to make a custom one. This will not only save you a lot of money but will also give you the freedom … Read more

How to Build Gaming PC under 800 Dollars

800 dollars gaming pc build

A budget of $800 will get you the key components you’ll need to build a decent mid-level gaming PC with plenty of gaming potential – one that won’t require any updates for a long time. This beast won’t be obsolete for at least a few years, which is saying a lot in the year 2020. … Read more