ASUS Making Its First Handheld Gaming PC to Beat Steam Deck

news about ASUS ROG Ally handheld gaming pc

ASUS Making Its First Handheld Gaming PC to Beat Steam Deck Gaming PCs are becoming powerful and compact over time. Within the past few years, gaming machines have jumped from our desks right into our hands, time to remember Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. And now ASUS is also planning to introduce their first handheld … Read more

How to Open a PC Case Safely (Step-by-Step Guide)

guide to open a PC case easily and safely

How to Open a PC Case Safely It might look like a simple task but not everyone knows how to safely open a PC case for assembling, disassembling, or cleaning the dust residing inside it. Modern-day PC cases are easy to open as most of them come up with a side panel that slides on … Read more

Acrylic vs Tempered Glass PC Cases: Which is Better?

comparison between acrylic and tempered side panels in a pc case

Acrylic vs Tempered Glass PC Cases There was a time when all that mattered was the external look of your case. But with the evolution of technology, we now have side panels on a PC case to showcase your hardware in full glory. Transparent side panels along with RGB lights add more aesthetics to your … Read more

How to fix slow computer?

How to fix a slow computer

How to fix slow computer? Nothing is more painful than a slower computer. There could be several reasons behind a slower PC or Windows. In this guide, we’ll be highlighting the reasons behind a lazy computer and some quick fixes to overcome this issue. Your computer is probably running too many apps, which is why … Read more

Can a PC run without RAM: Detailed explanation

Can A PC Run Without RAM: Top 3 Tips & Best Helpful Guide

This question can a PC run without ram is like asking “Can a man function without a brain”?.  As man cannot function without a brain, a computer without RAM cannot function therefore a clear response to this question is No.  The computer has two components: (1) Hardware and (2) Software.  The RAM is one of the … Read more

Do I need a WiFi adapter for my PC: enhancing WiFi adapter

Do I Need A WiFi Adapter For My Pc: Top 4 Best Causes

In today’s interconnected world, staying connected to the internet is vital for a myriad of tasks, whether you are a professional internet surfer or a gaming enthusiast. When you need to connect your computer to a wireless network, you may ponder the necessity of a Wi-Fi adapter. We’ll delve deep into the world of wireless … Read more

Is a laptop considered a PC: the distinctions and similarities

The ever-evolving world of technology continually blurs the lines between devices, leading us to question the fundamental characteristics of personal computers. In today’s digital age, the debate surrounding the question of “Is a laptop considered a PC” remains a topic of intrigue. Desktop computers and laptops have been integral in shaping our personal and professional … Read more

White vs Black PC Case? Which One to Go With

difference between black or white case

White vs Black PC Case? When it comes to choosing between white or black PC cases, you’ll see a lot of debate in online communities and forums. While some users swear by the grace of white PC cases, others find black PC cases more appealing when it comes to custom PC building. But this discussion … Read more

How to Open Large Excel Files Without Crashing (Most Effective Methods)

how you can open big excel files without crashing

Opening large Excel files on your computer is relatively slower, and sometimes opening a heavy file can even result in crashing or freezing Windows. Generally, there’s a lot of data and calculations involved inside a large Excel file. Therefore, you will need a fast computer for dealing with large Excel sheets on your computer. So … Read more