Is ITX PC Case good for gaming?

about mini ITX PC case

There was a time when going with an ITX chassis was similar to trading compactness for lower performance. But the increase in demand for compact PC parts has put mini ITX cases back into the game. But are ITX PC cases good for gaming builds? And do these compact PC cases deliver the same performance … Read more

How to Bridge PS4 to PC in Easy Steps

guide to bridge your PS4 console with desktop/laptop

Gaming on PS4 requires a strong and stable connection to be on top of the game all the time. However, that is not always the case for many users and most of the time they face trouble with the connection of their router. It surely can be an irritating inconvenience at times! We totally understand … Read more

What is a Bricked Motherboard & How to Fix It

bricked motherboard guide

The term “Bricked” in the tech industry refers to something that has become useless and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Electronic components become faulty due to several reasons. A Bricked Motherboard is used for a motherboard that is out of order or is dead completely. There are very narrow chances of fixing … Read more

What Should I Look For In a PC Case?

Here's how to choose a PC case if you haven't before

Choosing a PC case that will keep everything safe and sound inside is a nerve-wracking decision and if you are building a PC of your own, then I guess you are also struggling from the same feeling right now. Getting the right PC case involves some fundamental factors like compatibility, form factors and most importantly … Read more

Different Types of PC Case Fan Sizes to Know

different pc case fans

PC case fans play an integral role in keeping the system and its components cool. PC case fans are phenomenal ad crucial parts of your PC cabinet and making the right choice will eliminate the risk, noise and other disturbing factors at bay. But, how should you determine which one is the right for your … Read more

Does a Bigger PC Case Mean Better Cooling?

can large case help in cooling

With the passage of time, PC cases have shrunk a lot in size. From beefy and heavy computer cases to the ones that easily fit in your computer bag, we have a lot of options available now. But are smaller size cases affecting your cooling performance? And does a bigger size PC case means more … Read more

Is Mini PC Worth Buying? Let’s Find Out

are mini pcs really worth it

Not sure about the near future, but Mini PCs are trending in today‚Äôs world, and that too for all good reasons. Covid-19, as well as the post-Covid-19 time period, saw a rapid rise in the sale and purchase of electronic goods (especially computers and laptops), because of the rise in Work from Home (WFH) culture … Read more

Desktop PC VS Mini PC – Which One to Go With

guide to desktop PCs vs mini pcs

Computers have become smarter and smaller over time. Now you can fit a computer in your pocket and take it anywhere. Yes, we are talking about mini computers that offer the same level of computing performance that you would expect from a standard desktop PC. But are mini PCs better than desktop PCs, we’ll discuss … Read more

Too Much Thermal Paste (A Quick & Easy Fix)

Guide to fix excessive thermal paste on a CPU

Thermal paste is important to make a perfect contact between your CPU cooler and the processor. It helps in filling the microscopic imperfections that could otherwise trap the air particles between the heatsink and your CPU, resulting in lower heat transfer. When it comes to applying the thermal paste, there’s a specific amount that you … Read more