Can You Mix Two Different Ram Brands?

can we pair two different manufacturer ram sticks

Upgrading your ram is the cheapest way to boost the performance of your computer. And when it comes to adding more ram to your system, a question may come up in your mind whether mixing two different ram brands would work or not? Yes, you can mix ram modules from two different brands as long … Read more

Do CPUs Come with Thermal Paste? (Intel or AMD)

Do processors come with pre-applied paste

Installing the CPU is the most crucial step when building a new PC. You have to be careful in mounting your CPU on your motherboard. Especially, when it comes to applying the thermal paste on your CPU. A thermal paste acts as a medium between your processor and CPU cooler for proper heat transfer. Without … Read more

7 Benefits of Adding More RAM to a PC – Detailed Guide

A complete guide on advantages of adding more ram

RAM is the most important hardware to enhance the performance of your PC. Unlike CPU and GPU upgrades that might cost you a fortune, RAM upgrades are cheaper and easier to carry out. There are several benefits of adding more RAM to your PC and in this guide, we will discuss them one by one. … Read more

SATA vs mSATA vs NGFF M.2 – Which Storage Option is Better


A solid-state drive, sometimes known as an SSD, is a computer storage device. On solid-state flash memory, this non-volatile storage medium holds permanent data. Traditional hard disc drives (HDDs) are being phased out of computers favouring SSDs, which perform the same essential duties. SSDs, on the other hand, are considerably are faster and help in … Read more

Which Motherboards Support DDR5 RAM? Find Out

DDR5 ram modules have already hit the market, and they offer higher clock speed and memory this time. However, DDR5 chips are way more expensive than the previous DDR4 chips and also there is no backward compatibility to install DDR5 ram on a DDR4 motherboard. So, the question is which motherboards are compatible with DDR5 … Read more

How Upcoming Minisforum Mini-PC Supports Full GPU?

Does upcoming miniforum PC support GPU

Mini PC is a compact, low-cost, low-power desktop computer intended for basic functions, including online surfing, browser application access, document editing, and audio/video playing.  One of the best features of the tiny PC is that its compact size allows it to be mounted behind your display or TV and hidden away. However, numerous people with … Read more

How to Choose RAM for a Gaming PC – Find Out

Guide to ram module

RAM is the essential factor when it comes to considering the PC’s performance right after the CPU and GPU. In a gaming PC, adding more ram can give you a significant boost in performance. Especially, when you are struggling with lower frame rates or lags during gameplay, installing more ram is a great way to … Read more

Gold vs Platinum PSUs: Which One to Go With

Gold vs platinum psus

If you are building a gaming PC, then you might have come across different power supply efficiency ratings. The top of all, are the Gold and Platinum rated power supply units. So, picking between a Gold vs Platinum efficiency rating can pop up confusion in your mind if you have never been so far in … Read more

Fixing Windows Resource Protection Found Corrupt Files Error

SFC fix

System File Checker tool would help you to fix the operating system issues. If you encounter the Windows resource protection found corrupt files error, then this blog will be very useful because here we are going to share the ways to fix this error. SFC helps to find the corrupt files but cannot replace the … Read more

How Much Should You Spend On A PC Case?

guide to buying cpu cases

If you are building a PC from scratch, then you will probably be looking to have an aesthetical PC case. Now the PC case that you’ll pick entirely depends on the type of PC you are building. Gaming PC cases are more expensive than normal workstation cases. So how much you should spend on a … Read more