Is Mini PC Worth Buying? Let’s Find Out

are mini pcs really worth it

Not sure about the near future, but Mini PCs are trending in today’s world, and that too for all good reasons. Covid-19, as well as the post-Covid-19 time period, saw a rapid rise in the sale and purchase of electronic goods (especially computers and laptops), because of the rise in Work from Home (WFH) culture … Read more

Desktop PC VS Mini PC – Which One to Go With

guide to desktop PCs vs mini pcs

Computers have become smarter and smaller over time. Now you can fit a computer in your pocket and take it anywhere. Yes, we are talking about mini computers that offer the same level of computing performance that you would expect from a standard desktop PC. But are mini PCs better than desktop PCs, we’ll discuss … Read more

Too Much Thermal Paste (A Quick & Easy Fix)

Guide to fix excessive thermal paste on a CPU

Thermal paste is important to make a perfect contact between your CPU cooler and the processor. It helps in filling the microscopic imperfections that could otherwise trap the air particles between the heatsink and your CPU, resulting in lower heat transfer. When it comes to applying the thermal paste, there’s a specific amount that you … Read more

How Many Fans Should a Gaming PC Have? Complete Guide

how many case fans to install on a gaming PC guide

You’ll find powerful components inside a gaming PC, and it’s obvious that those components will generate a lot of heat. To avoid any overheating issues, you’ll need a proper heat management system for your gaming PC. One way to eliminate the enormous heat out of your gaming rig is via case fans. But how many … Read more

Can You Mix Two Different Ram Brands?

can we pair two different manufacturer ram sticks

Upgrading your ram is the cheapest way to boost the performance of your computer. And when it comes to adding more ram to your system, a question may come up in your mind whether mixing two different ram brands would work or not? Yes, you can mix ram modules from two different brands as long … Read more

Do CPUs Come with Thermal Paste? (Intel or AMD)

Do processors come with pre-applied paste

Installing the CPU is the most crucial step when building a new PC. You have to be careful in mounting your CPU on your motherboard. Especially, when it comes to applying the thermal paste on your CPU. A thermal paste acts as a medium between your processor and CPU cooler for proper heat transfer. Without … Read more

7 Benefits of Adding More RAM to a PC – Detailed Guide

A complete guide on advantages of adding more ram

RAM is the most important hardware to enhance the performance of your PC. Unlike CPU and GPU upgrades that might cost you a fortune, RAM upgrades are cheaper and easier to carry out. There are several benefits of adding more RAM to your PC and in this guide, we will discuss them one by one. … Read more

SATA vs mSATA vs NGFF M.2 – Which Storage Option is Better


A solid-state drive, sometimes known as an SSD, is a computer storage device. On solid-state flash memory, this non-volatile storage medium holds permanent data. Traditional hard disc drives (HDDs) are being phased out of computers favouring SSDs, which perform the same essential duties. SSDs, on the other hand, are considerably are faster and help in … Read more

Which Motherboards Support DDR5 RAM? Find Out

DDR5 ram modules have already hit the market, and they offer higher clock speed and memory this time. However, DDR5 chips are way more expensive than the previous DDR4 chips and also there is no backward compatibility to install DDR5 ram on a DDR4 motherboard. So, the question is which motherboards are compatible with DDR5 … Read more