Is a 4GB Graphics Card Enough for Gaming?

Guide to 4GB GPU

Where games are becoming more hardware intensive, you might be wondering if a 4GB graphics card would do be enough to satisfy your gaming hunger? Well, it depends upon the type of games that you’ll play and at what resolution you would play them. A graphic card is hardware that is used to increase the … Read more

What Does Locking The Taskbar Do In Windows?

Guide about taskbar lock

You might have come across various features on Windows PC and don’t know what they do. The taskbar is an important feature that you’ll find in almost every version of Windows. You can interact with a lot of other features via your taskbar. One of those features is locking your taskbar which means the changes … Read more

What is a Semi Modular Power Supply?

semi modular power supply explained

Over the years, some PC components have become more customized giving you the freedom to interact with them in a way you want. Especially, if we talk about the power supply units, these have evolved a lot in the past 15 years. Previously, PSUs were equipped with some unnecessary cables and there was no way … Read more

What wattage power supply do you need for gaming pc?

complete guide to psu needed for a gaming pc

Power supplies are commonly misinterpreted and undervalued PC equipment. Many customers purchase a PC power supply solely based on overall wattage, assuming that higher is always better. Others pay no attention to the power supply (PSU) they choose and accept whichever atrocity came with their system. The wattage requirement entirely depends upon the type of … Read more

What to do with a slow running computer to make it fast

How to fix a slow computer

Nothing is more painful than a slower computer. There could be several reasons behind a slower PC or Windows. In this guide, we’ll be highlighting the reasons behind a lazy computer and some quick fixes to overcome this issue. Your computer is probably running too many apps, which is why it is slow. This uses … Read more