How to Improve Airflow in a PC Case (Effective Method)

guide to improve airflow in a pc case

When your system heats up or shut down suddenly, then this could be due to the rising temperature inside the case. The system gets heated up when the airflow inside your PC case is bad and needs some quick fixes. There are numerous factors that affect airflow inside your PC case and you need to … Read more

How to Stream Switch to PC without Capture Card? Easy Method

Guide to connect Nintendo switch without capture card

Streaming Nintendo Switch video games on social platforms are becoming more common these days. Many gamers use a “capture card” to connect to Nintendo Switch for streaming games on a PC. Streaming through a capture card is the most reliable option to have right now, but what if you don’t have access to a capture … Read more

How to Fix the Dxgmms2.sys BSOD Error (Effective Methods)

Dxgmms2.sys BSOD Error

Many customers seem to find the blue screen problem to be a nightmare. What is “dxgmms2.sys”? When the DirectX Graphics MMS system file in Windows breaks due to obsolete, buggy, or malfunctioning graphics card drivers, the “dxgmms2.sys” blue screen of death (BSOD) problem occurs. However, generic file corruption and memory-related problems might occasionally cause the … Read more

How to Fix “Your PC Ran Into a Problem and Needs to Restart”

pc ran into problem fixed

The more you have used a PC without conducting regular maintenance, the slower it becomes. You may do various things if you’ve recently observed a major decline in your performance or attempting to get an outdated machine to function smoothly. If you’re having errors or other problems, restarting your system could be the answer. If … Read more

Learn How To Pick the Right CPU Cooler For Your PC

How to find right CPU cooler for your system

The CPU in your PC is among the most critical parts of your system. You must also ensure that it does not become too heated to function properly and correctly. Fortunately, by selecting the suitable CPU coolers for your computer, you can guarantee that it runs at the correct temperature. How CPU Works? The CPU, sometimes equated to … Read more

How To Build A PC For Beginners Cheap?

building a cheaper pC guide

Building a PC would be a fun experience, and it would help build the same you always wanted. Do you know how to build a PC for beginners at cheap rates? There are so many stores that used to put sales on holidays or offer components at more than half prices and encourage people to … Read more

How To Build A PC For Home Office Work?

pc building

Building a PC for home office work is totally different from a gaming PC. Parts that you need to install in an office-based PC cost less as compared to a gaming PC. As you would take a totally different type work from a workstation-based PC, you have to pick your parts carefully. There are certain … Read more

How to Fix Checking Media Presence Error in Simple Steps?

troubleshoot media presence error

It’s common to see a “checking media presence” error as soon as you turn on your PC. Well, there are several reasons behind this error, the most common one is when your PC tries to boot up from a source which is unavailable at the time. Usually, this type of error occurs when your computer … Read more

How to Check if Your PC Hard Drive is Failing

how to know if a hard drive is failing

A static hard disc has an average lifespan of five to ten years. If the drive is subjected to fluctuating temperatures, humidity, or external shocks, the lifespan will be reduced. In reality, your laptop hard drive will die after three to five years, and this is also true for SSDs. In the best-case scenario, hard … Read more