Desktop PC VS Mini PC – Which One to Go With

Computers have become smarter and smaller over time. Now you can fit a computer in your pocket and take it anywhere. Yes, we are talking about mini computers that offer the same level of computing performance that you would expect from a standard desktop PC. But are mini PCs better than desktop PCs, we’ll discuss about this here in this article.

But before we start, it’s worth knowing about

What is a Mini PC

In simpler terms, a Mini PC is the smaller and more compact version of your desktop PC. It functions just like your desktop PC but it gives more convenience and ease in life. Although the first mini PC was built around in the mid of 1960 by IBM, it is one of the most popular devices today.

Mini PCs are smaller in size, as efficient as desktop computers, and they are super easy to carry around. They are known for their convenience. They are highly reliable when it comes to doing a web search, and email checking on the go, and the best part is they are quite reasonable when it comes to pricing as well.

These are just a few good things about Mini PC’s and there is a lot you should know before making a decision of which one you should choose for you.  

Mini PC or Desktop PC?

A Mini PC is known to be the smaller version of your desktop PC but there are things which make them differ at some point. These key features will help you in making the right choice in your interest.

1. Value for the money

The first and foremost factor that comes into play is if a mini PC or desktop is worth the price? A normal desktop PC costs you around 400-500 USD these days

Now, for a mini PC, it can get a bit tricky. Mini PCs can be purchased as ready-to-go units or barebones kits.

Ready-to-go units are complete Mini PCs however, the barebones kits usually include; a case, motherboard, and its processor. It doesn’t include RAM and a hard drive. So it’s up to you to decide how much ram and storage you want to put in it.

A barebone kit can be purchased for making a new PC that is customizable according to your choice. It is cheaper and more effective.

There are quite high-quality mini PCs available in the market that work just like any top-notch desktop computer or laptop, they are a bit more expensive but still cheaper than a desktop.

However, it all depends on how you will utilise it and for what purpose you need it. The Mini PC is usually cheaper than desktop computers. You can get a decent mini-PC under a $300 budget.

2. Space matters

The space in today’s world matters the most. A desktop PC consumes much more space and it is a hassle to move it from one place to another. Mini PC’s resolve that for you. You can mount a mini PC on the monitor and that’s it. The space is all yours. You can even use wireless keyboards and mice to save even extra. The cherry on top, you can carry your Mini PC in your pocket!

3. Eco-friendly

Mini PCs are the number choice for people who are into eco-friendly products. Mini PC do not create noise as compared to a desktop will be very calm and peaceful while enjoying the benefits of a PC. Not just that, you can also save on the cost of your electricity bill. Mini PCs are energy-efficient and they use less energy as compared to desktop PC.

4. Operating System

Mini PCs do not offer versatility in Operating Systems! It is a myth and nothing else. Just like desktop PCs, Mini PCs don’t offer a change in the operating system, but you can purchase the one with an operating system of your own choice.

Mini PCs are available for Windows OS, Chromebooks, as well as MAC OS. You can purchase the one with your preferred OS from your preferred brand.

5. Maintenance

Unlike desktop PCs where maintenance is the key to a healthy desktop. Mini PCs don’t require much maintenance. The dust and other particles are usually the cause of most damage to your PC. But due to the smaller size of a mini PC, these dust particles hardly enter inside the case.

No dust inside means no damage and a healthy PC for a longer time. Another great feature of the mini PC is that it has almost no opening spaces, which means the damage is quite low and preventable.

Mini PCs need low maintenance, are highly durable and they also come with a warrant if you go with a reputed brand.

6. Heating

Mini PCs are small and so is their cooling system. They are unable to cool off your system when you are playing high-quality games. Your system might heat up after a while and there is nothing much you can do about it because, unlike desktop PCs, they do not offer upgrades.

7. Upgradability

You will not be able to upgrade your mini PC afterwards, so make a wise choice by purchasing one beforehand. The mini PCs are not meant to be open, upgraded or customized in any way. You cannot increase its specs or memory.

8. Graphics

The graphics of Mini PC’s is quite average as compared to a Desktop PC, which is upgradeable.

You also do not have the option to add a new graphics card here because there is no such space or slot for it. The graphics are not competitive with high-end games or for high-end video editing platforms and applications.

If you specifically want a mini PC for gaming or video editing. You should go with a Mini PC that is specifically built for this purpose. However, still, it might not be as good as a Desktop PC.

Mini PC’s come with specific specs and it is only limited to those features. You cannot upgrade or add other cards or devices to upgrade it, which is the reason it might not be a very suitable choice for you when it comes to video editing or professional gaming.

The Final Lines

Lastly, it all depends on your budget and needs if you want to go with a mini or desktop PC. Both of these have their own pros and cons. All factors mentioned here don’t make one good or bad, it is to help you with making the right choice and get the most value for your money.

If you are low on budget and space, and all you need is a computer to search the web, draft your office files in MS Word, and watch videos on YouTube, then we highly recommend you to go with a mini PC. At the same time, if you don’t care about budget and all you need is high-performance, then go with a standard desktop PC.


Can you do professional Video Gaming and Editing on a Mini PC?

If you are a professional gamer who wants to know if you will be able to play games on your mini PC or an editor who wants to complete projects, you might need to reconsider the whole decision because a Mini PC might not be an ideal option as compared to your desktop PC.

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