How to Bridge PS4 to PC in Easy Steps

Gaming on PS4 requires a strong and stable connection to be on top of the game all the time. However, that is not always the case for many users and most of the time they face trouble with the connection of their router. It surely can be an irritating inconvenience at times!

We totally understand that and we have a few solutions for you that will get you out of this trouble for good!

An Authentic way to Bridge PS4 to PC

Well, you can connect your PS4 to your PC or laptop by ‘bridging a connection on the internet, that way you will get the most speed on your PS4. Now, there is a legitimate way to bridge your connection with the help of an Ethernet cable or we can call it a ‘LAN’ connection.

Bridge PS4 to PC – Ethernet Cable Method

Your PC here will be pretty much working as a router for better speed of the internet that is stable for most of the time.

This method requires an Ethernet cable to build a bridge connection between your PS4 and PC.  If you are choosing this method to bridge PS4 to PC, all you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide below:

Connecting PC to the Internet First

The very first step to building a bridge is to connect your PC with a stable internet connection.

You can connect to the internet by going to the Network option on the right side of your screen

connecting to your home network for bridging PS4 to PC
Connecting to your home Wi-Fi Network

Turn on your Wi-Fi from the settings there

Once the available networks list appears, all you need to do is select it and you will be able to have a stable internet connection on your laptop

Change Adapter Settings

Once, your PC is connected to the internet. Next is the phase of changing adapter settings. In order to change these settings:

You need to click on the Windows option on your keyboard or search for the ‘Control Panel’ option on your PC.

Once found, open the control panel settings. There you will find the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ option. Click on it!

navigating to network and sharing center
Finding the Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel

From there you will see a bunch of options, you need to select the ‘Network and Sharing Center‘.

Finally there, you will be able to find Change Adapter Settings.

changing adapter settings
Navigating to change adapter settings

Once you click on this option, you will see a few ‘Network Connection’ options in front of you.

available options in the change adapter settings
You’ll come up with the two main adapters if you are on a laptop, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. If you are using a desktop that doesn’t have any built-in or dedicated Wi-Fi card, then you’ll not see the Wi-Fi option.

Now, follow the next step first before making changes to any of these.

Connect the Cable

Now, before you proceed any further with Network Connections options. You need to gather the gadgets necessary and connect them all together. You will be needing:

  • Ethernet cable
  • Wi-Fi
  • PC
  • PS4

Now, all you need to do is connect one port of Ethernet cable to your PC and the second port to your PS4.

connecting PS4 to PC using LAN cable
Image Source: YouTube

Once you are done with the connection of the cable you will see the Ethernet Connection network option doesn’t have any red cross X mark on it anymore and it is now saying Unidentified Network option right under the option.

This means you are good to go and make a connection.

Time to Bridge PS4 to PC!

You are almost there. Once you have attached the cable in both ports and the red X mark is gone, all you need to do now is:

Select both options together; Ethernet and Wi-Fi options in the ‘Change Adapter Settings’ we accessed in the Control Panel.

Right-click on both options one by one and click on ‘Bridge Connections’

bridging connections ps4 to pc

Imp Note: Make sure your PS4 is connected and it is turned on before you Bridge Connections.

Once you have clicked on the option, you will have to wait no more than 15 seconds.

Now, you will be able to see a Network Bridge option on your screen. Which mainly means that both of your connections are now bridged together.

Settings for PS4

Once you are done making a bridge connection on your PC, it’s time to get back to your PS4 and simply go to its settings.

Once you are in the settings of your PS4, you need to look for an option of ‘Network’.

Click on the Network and it will take you to the next options there.

Now, from the ‘Connect to the Internet’ option you need to switch to ‘Set Up Internet Connection’.

set up internet connection in PS4

It will give you an option of how you want to connect to the Network. And you need to choose, Use a ‘LAN cable’ there.

Then you will see a new option of ‘How do you want to Set up the Internet Connection?’, choose the ‘Easy’ option here.

And now you will be able to see that your Internet connection settings are updated.

Right under the above-mentioned option, you will be able to see an option of ‘Test Internet Connection’

Click on the option and you will be able to see if everything is right and on point.

Now that you are again connected to the new internet connection successfully, you will be able to see a blue icon on your PS4 profile.

Here’s a detailed video on how to setup your PS4 to internet

How to remove the bridge connection?

Well, if you are new to this you might also be wondering how to remove this bridge connection whenever you want.

You can simply follow the same step of the connection and this time you will see an option of ‘Remove from Bridge’. Click on the said option and you will be good to go!


Now, coming back to the bridge connection, you will be able to see an icon of a computer with an Ethernet cable.

This means that your bridge connection is on. By simply, following these detailed steps, you will be easily able to create a Bridge connection between your PS4 and PC.

You can use this method without any doubt and you can simply ‘Remove the Bridge’ connection whenever you like or do not need it. We hope you found this article informative and wish you Good Luck!

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