How to use hisense tv without remote or wifi?

How to use hisense tv without remote or wifi?


We’ve all been there – you’ve misplaced the remote, or perhaps the WiFi is down, and you need to operate your Hisense TV. Don’t worry, you’re not out of luck. This guide will walk you through several methods to control your Hisense TV without a remote or WiFi.

When You Lose Your Remote

Losing your remote can be frustrating, especially when you need to adjust the settings or change the channel. Fortunately, Hisense TVs come equipped with basic on-TV controls that can help you manage until you find or replace your remote.

When WiFi is Unavailable

Without WiFi, smart features are limited, but you can still perform basic functions using alternative methods. Whether it’s due to an outage or you don’t have a WiFi connection set up, there are ways to navigate around this issue.

Basic Controls on the TV

Power Button

Most Hisense TVs have a power button located at the bottom or back of the TV. This button can turn the TV on and off. Press it to turn on the TV, and press it again to turn it off.

Volume Control

Look for volume buttons on the TV itself, usually located near the power button. These buttons allow you to increase or decrease the volume directly from the TV.

Input Selection

You can change the input source by pressing the input or source button on the TV. This is useful for switching between HDMI ports, AV inputs, and other connected devices.

Using a Universal Remote

Compatibility Check

Before purchasing a universal remote, ensure it’s compatible with Hisense TVs. Most universal remotes support a wide range of brands, including Hisense.

Programming the Remote

Follow the instructions provided with the universal remote to program it. Typically, this involves entering a code specific to Hisense TVs or using an auto-search feature to find the correct code.

how to use hisense roku tv without remote or wifi

Using a Mobile Device

Infrared Blaster Apps

If your smartphone has an infrared (IR) blaster, you can download an app that turns your phone into a remote control. Apps like AnyMote or Mi Remote work well with Hisense TVs.

Compatible Devices

Ensure your smartphone is compatible with IR blaster apps. Most modern Android phones with an IR blaster can be used, but iPhones do not have this feature.

Setting Up the App

Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow the on-screen instructions to set it up. Select your TV brand (Hisense), and the app will guide you through the configuration process.

how to use hisense tv without remote or wifi

Configuring WiFi Without a Remote

  • Locate the Control Panel

Find the TV’s buttons, which are typically located on the side or bottom.

  • Navigate to Network Settings

Using these buttons, navigate to the ‘Network Settings’ within your TV’s menu.

  • Select the WiFi Network

Use the buttons to select your home WiFi network.

  • Input Password

Carefully input your WiFi password, navigating character by character. This process can be tedious, but patience ensures a successful connection.

Exploring Alternative Connection Methods

Wired Connections Through Ethernet

  • Check for an Ethernet Port: Ensure your Hisense TV has an Ethernet port.
  • Connect to Router: Using an Ethernet cable, connect your TV directly to your router. This bypasses the necessity for WiFi, offering a stable internet connection.

Leverage External Streaming Devices

  • Utilize a Streaming Device: Devices such as Roku or Apple TV can be connected to your TV via HDMI.
  • Connect Device to WiFi: These external devices can connect to WiFi, rendering the TV’s direct internet connection unnecessary.

graph LR;
A([Hisense TV]) — HDMI Cable –> B([Streaming Device]);
B — WiFi –> C{Internet}

Connecting Your TV Using a Mobile Hotspot

For times when traditional WiFi isn’t an option:

  • Activate Hotspot: Use your smartphone’s hotspot function.
  • Connect TV to Hotspot: In the network settings of your Hisense TV, connect to your phone’s hotspot. Note the potential for high data usage, and monitor accordingly to avoid additional charges.

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

  1. Weak Signal Strength

Consider repositioning your router or using a WiFi extender to strengthen the signal.

2. Router Malfunctions

Restarting or factory resetting your router could resolve connection issues.

3. Restart Your TV

Often, a simple restart can remedy connectivity problems.

4. Reset Your TV

As a last resort, resetting your TV to factory settings may be necessary but will erase all saved settings.

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Losing your remote or facing WiFi issues doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your Hisense TV. With basic TV controls, universal remotes, mobile apps, and alternative devices, you can easily navigate and manage your TV settings. Remember these tips the next time you find yourself without a remote or WiFi.


Can I use my smartphone as a remote for my Hisense TV?

Yes, if your smartphone has an IR blaster, you can use apps like AnyMote or Mi Remote to control your Hisense TV.

What if my Hisense TV doesn’t have a power button?

Most Hisense TVs have a power button located on the bottom or back of the TV. If you can’t find it, refer to your TV’s user manual for exact location details.

Can I control my Hisense TV with a universal remote?

Yes, universal remotes can be programmed to work with Hisense TVs. Ensure you follow the programming instructions for compatibility.

How can I change the input without a remote?

Use the input or source button located on the TV itself to switch between different inputs.

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