Is Mini PC Worth Buying? Let’s Find Out

Not sure about the near future, but Mini PCs are trending in today’s world, and that too for all good reasons. Covid-19, as well as the post-Covid-19 time period, saw a rapid rise in the sale and purchase of electronic goods (especially computers and laptops), because of the rise in Work from Home (WFH) culture around the globe.

People are becoming smarter, and so are electronic devices, and they want to own small yet intuitive gadgets for their everyday life use. That’s the reason why mini PCs are so popular nowadays, but before making the final decision you should know all the in-outs of a mini PC to be 100% sure if it’s even worth buying!

Mini PCs in a Nutshell

Mini PCs are legitimate personal computers, but smaller in size (as it’s obvious by their name). You can do almost everything on a Mini PC that your regular desktop PC would do.

Mini PCs are small-scale and portable. They are great space savers in your home or at your office, and you can carry them with you almost everywhere. Reliable, small, and impressive Mini PCs are extremely cost-effective as well.

Let’s dig in further and find out why Mini PCs are the talk of the town!

1. Size matters!

We are surrounded by digital gadgets that now keep the status of a necessity rather than a luxury. Phones, laptops, TV, Wi-Fi, fridges, Smart washing machines, and this list can go on. With all these necessary everyday life tools, the space in our homes is getting smaller and to save that space, these gadgets are becoming a bit more effective, isn’t it great!

Roughly a household has one laptop or desktop for each person nowadays, it is like a personal space, just like your phone. Many people prefer mini PCs over desktops to keep them behind their monitor or TV and they will vanish into thin air without a trace!

You can put your Mini PC everywhere and it will take up the space of a book. It means you can have less clutter and more space on your desk, be it at home or at the office.

2. Easily Transportable

We talked about work from culture, but it is a great device for those as well who are always on the move. Either you need to be on the road most of the time or you are a person who likes to get the job done while traveling this little champion is ideal for you.

Mini PCs are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipped, which means you can use them while on the go. Finish reading emails, news, job tasks, and more with these easily portable Mini PCs on the move!

Lastly, for those people who find it very hard to take their laptops to work, school, or anywhere this is a great substitute. Lightweight and easy!

3. A penny saved is a penny earned

You can save lots of pennies when you purchase a Mini as compared to a tower PC. Because Mini PCs are cheaper and smaller in size than buying a laptop or desktop PC. Less size also means a small keyboard and incomplete peripherals but you can use an old keyboard and mouse or even go wireless to save even more space.

Mini PCs can be bought as a complete package or barebone kits. The kits can be used for customization to build a new Mini PC of your own choice and they are even cheaper than the regular Mini PCs.

Last, but not least in the saving section, not only is it cost-effective, but it is also known for saving electricity by consuming fewer electricity units and having long-lasting battery timing.

These are all the good parts of having a Mini PC by your side, but is it even possible to do gaming on a Mini PC?

Let’s find out!

Gaming on a Mini PC

Mini PCs are great at doing tasks like writing an email, doing projects on the go, dealing with large Excel files, and so on, but when it comes to gaming or using high-end software, this might be lacking due to two main reasons.

Less Powerful Hardware

As Mini PC comes with small components inside, they are satisfying enough for normal-daily tasks but when it comes to supporting high-end gaming software or editing software, the graphics will be compromised for sure due to the small components fitted inside.

Not up-to-the-mark graphics results in low productive capacity and output, which can be disappointing if you only invested in gaming.

Limited Space

A Mini PC is a life-saver and a space saver, that’s why we like it, right?

This is not just the good part, another good part is that it is seal-tight, which ensures no dust particles or anything that might damage your PC gets in, but this good point can become a nuisance because when you try to run heavy software on it, it will heat-up instantly, that is something you never want to do to your PC.

A Mini PC might not be a good choice for gamers, but it shows up as a decent option for programmers.

Why do programmers choose Mini PCs?

Many programmers today prefer Mini PCs over desktops and laptops because it is easily portable, you can travel with your little buddy without carrying the extra weight and secondly, it is more cost-effective than buying expensive laptops or getting stuck with an expensive desktop PC.

1. Ease of use

As we mentioned earlier, today’s world is all about doing more work with ease on our electronic devices and a Mini PC seems perfect and top on the list of programmers in this aspect. They prefer it over desktops and can do the job while they are on the move.

2. Split Screens

For programming and coding the screen mere the results! They can split screens to save time and work with even more convenience and who doesn’t like the idea?

Which type of mini PC is best for programming?

We know that Mini PCs are reliable for programmers but you need to consider these features before purchasing the right fit for them.

Operating System

For programming purposes, A Mini PC should have the latest Operating system on its PC. A Mini with Windows 11 will be perfect for a programmer, Windows 10 will also get the job done, but the latest would be better for a good output.


Mini PCs are equipped with processors that can easily carry out programming tasks. For coding or programming, it’s better to choose a Core i5 or higher Series processor that has a higher clock speed on it.


RAM helps with the smoothness and performance of almost anything you do on your PC. So, in order to choose a Mini for programming purposes choose the one with at least 8GB of RAM, that’s the minimum, and more RAM will promise even better results.

SSD is the way to go!

Always choose the Mini with an SSD. HDD is obsolete and it does not even work well for normal usage. SSD is the latest, new, fast, and reliable. You need to choose SSD over everything for smooth and better results.

There are many companies that offer the best Mini PCs dedicated to programming purposes, so make sure you choose the one that fits the description of the features mentioned above.

Almost all new Minis are equipped with these features, so if you are considering buying the latest one, you will be on the safe side for sure.

We all know that laptops replaced Desktop PCs already, but when people are choosing between a Mini PC and a laptop, they often get confused.

Both of them are quite similar when it comes to features and convenience, but what is the difference between a Mini PC and a laptop?

Well, there is not much difference but there are two main aspects that differ at some point.


A laptop comes with everything inside the box, however, a Mini needs its peripheral devices to operate. But, that’s what makes a Mini PC unique, you can use it anywhere by attaching it to any device and peripherals can be purchased separately.

Customized Upgrades

You can upgrade your laptop, but the customization is quite limited. The same goes for Mini PCs as well but you can customize a barebone kit.

It will cost you some extra bucks but that’s the choice you are making. The laptops are a bit overpriced and you can purchase a top-notch Mini for the same price you will buy a standard laptop.


Nothing will be good or bad if you choose it according to your needs. A Mini might be a bad choice for one but it will be the best one for another. The features and benefits vary from person to person. You can make a wise decision by weighing your needs and budgets because, after all, the true creator is a necessity!

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