How Upcoming Minisforum Mini-PC Supports Full GPU?

Mini PC is a compact, low-cost, low-power desktop computer intended for basic functions, including online surfing, browser application access, document editing, and audio/video playing. 

One of the best features of the tiny PC is that its compact size allows it to be mounted behind your display or TV and hidden away.

However, numerous people with 20/20 hindsight urge that you verify the size of the micro PC before you buy it, according to online buyer reviews.

VESA compliant” is the magic phrase you’re looking for on your display and your tiny PC. Mini PCs exist in a variety of sizes, and the space between your TV and the wall might not allow for one.

Similarly, the mounting plate for monitors does not fit all sizes. So get a measuring tape and double-check before you buy—you don’t want to end up kicking yourself later.

Tradtional PCs vs Mini PCs


Mini PCs are incredibly considerably less expensive than regular desktop computers. The compact PC is extremely portable, and it may even be carried in the pants pocket for further flexibility in life and business. It has a volume of around 1/30 that of a standard desktop host.

With reduced energy usage, Mini PCs spend less than 8 watts of electricity, but a normal desktop takes well over 100 watts; as a result, Mini PCs require substantially less cooling and may even be fanless.

Some computers don’t possess an optical disc drive and rely on a solid-state drive, which makes them fully quiet.

What is Minisforum Mini-PC?

Minisforum is home with a different little PC, this one with a big difference. For previous AMD CPUs in the AM4 category that didn’t have an inbuilt GPU and depended on a discrete graphics card, the modern B550-based system can grow outwardly to accommodate a dedicated GPU.

This again implies for the greatest result, barebones versions of this PC may be fitted with both an APU (5600G/5700G) and a GPU. Minisforum will not include the required external energy, and after the gadget is completely stretched, you don’t more than 600W to run it.

Learn All About Minisforum Mini-PC:

The PCIe slot supports PCIe 3.0 16x, so you probably won’t be able to fit your elevated 3080 here, but you might be able to squeeze in any of NVIDIA’s lower-end 30-series or AMD’s latest budget-friendly GPUs.

The front extends out to hold the GPU, which is then attached to the motherboard within the case as standard. The GPU will then be placed in a maintenance dock with the package.

The inclusion of this PCIe lane helps transform Minisforum’s little PC line since it eliminates the need for an additional GPU for people who are handy enough with a PC to utilize its potential fully.

Furthermore, if you only want to operate an APU, you can surely get it without an addon and get the power brick in it included.

With the aid of a supporting dock, the small PC’s bespoke motherboard contains a PCIe connection that can connect with a dedicated graphics card (a dock is included in the package). Two M.2 2280 SSD slots enable NGFF SATA and NVMe PCIe3.0 on the motherboard.

Minisforum is back with a new little PC, with a big difference. For previous AMD CPUs in the AM4 category that doesn’t have an inbuilt GPU and rely on a discrete graphics card, the new B550-based system can expand outwards to accommodate a dedicated GPU.


The PC may be powered in 2 directions. If you use an AMD APU such as the 5600G or 5700G, the kit includes a regular 19V power brick that you may use without the need for the accompanying dock.

You’ll need to utilize your ATX or SFX power supply if you would like to perform some DIY and link it to a high processing speed. You may utilize a desktop CPU this way.

According to Minisforum, the team will turn with SFF/ATX PSUs with 120W power usage and may be expanded up to 1000W depending on the configuration you choose.

The chipset will power the platform, which will feature PCIe 4.0 SSD storage.

Do you Know About Minisforum B550 Mini PC?

 A 120W Gallium Nitride adapter with an ATX (SFX) electrical supply for a 12V (only) connector will provide the necessary power. The following are some of the characteristics of the Minisforum B550 Mini PC:

  • The motherboard can only be customized.
  • Self-help assistance; Both the tiny pc and graphics card may be powered individually with an ATX or SFX power supply.
  • It has superb cooling capabilities and can run a 65W TDP CPU quietly.
  • To utilize this feature, you must first install it.
  • All setups throw in a free extension dock to handle conventional discrete graphics, rapid processing, faster authoring, and huge games, as well as 4K video, which is sufficient for workplace use.

The Minisforum B550 Mini PC has yet to be priced or made available; however, the base configuration should cost roughly $899 to $999 US. Users will now have to buy their CPU, GPU, power supply, and storage. Minisforum is expected to release further details about its AMD-powered Mini PC shortly.

Are Mini PCs Good For Gaming?

While AMD’s CPUs are undoubtedly superior to Intel’s in terms of gaming performance, the world of tiny PCs isn’t ideal for gamers.

Even the most powerful mini PCs struggle to keep up with the latest games. If you’re a big gamer, we don’t recommend going with a mini PC because the experience won’t be good enough to warrant the cost.

A mini PC can do if you’re a casual gamer who isn’t concerned with attaining the highest graphical settings possible. The reality is that some low-budget mini PCs even allow you to play games at the lowest settings. While this was the case in 2015, tiny PCs are now a viable gaming platform.

Effective Uses Of Mini PC

Home Theatre:

Mini PCs may be utilized as a home theatre or set-top box by mounting them on the back of a television.

Although video streaming should be done using Roku or Fire Stick, small PCs may be used as home theatres to view YouTube videos or run software like Plex.

On a tiny PC, you can run Windows 10 programs like Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, news, and weather and organize and play home movies and images.

In this sense, the small PC outperforms a TV stick as a home entertainment system. Simply choose a model with a video card and CPU capable of handling the material.

Professional and Oficial Use

Mini PCs are ideal for office use, business presentations, training sessions, word processing, and seminars may be quickly changed and shown on the fly.

You may even switch workplaces quickly by unplugging your keyboard, mouse, and display and carrying the compact PC in your purse or pocket.

They’re also useful when computer requirements are modest, or space is restricted, such as in tiny cubicles in larger workspaces. Businesses are buying them in bulk since they’ve become so popular for increasing productivity.

Gaming Uses:

Most PCs were first advertised as productivity machines, but they are also considered gaming machines.

While small PCs may not be able to run Call of Duty or Battlefield, casual gamers may enjoy flawless frame rates in titles like League of Legends. The tiny PC will be sufficient if your primary purpose is to perform little work and play video games.

Should I buy One?

The short answer is yes. Mini PCs are quite inexpensive, and they may be adapted for a variety of purposes to maximize their utility. You receive the most value for your money.

A gaming PC may also be utilized as a home theatre PC. Old work PCs can be utilized for digital signage without significantly increasing your entire digital signage costs. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The micro PC is an excellent choice if you require processing capability in a small place. This mini-computers will undoubtedly expand in power and appeal in the future…but not in size!

With so many models to pick from, you’re likely to find something that suits your requirements or interests.

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