How to view favorites on TikTok PC: both website and app

Remember when TikTok was usable only on smartphones? The times when the browser version was a nightmare are in the past. New updates allow you to enjoy your experience on TikTok without any problems!

Even though only some tools are available on your PC, you can still watch, like, and comment on videos.

Favorite videos are videos you saved to your account, in other words, a private collection of TikTok videos you wish to rewatch in the future.

On the other hand, liked videos are different; these are all the videos you liked (marked while clicking on the heart icon).

Shared videos are videos you send to your friends on TikTok (as there is also a messenger) or on other social media apps (by clicking on the share icon).

how to view favorites on tiktok pc
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Is the app necessary in comparison with the TikTok website?

You can download it officially from the Microsoft Store. Still, the TikTok WEB vs. TikTok App experience is similar to the degree that the app feels just like a hyperlink to the TikTok website.

The needed tools, like viewing favorite TikTok sounds and recording a new video using a PC camera, are not available in both versions of TikTok PC.

But to view favorites on TikTok, you do not need the app.

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Add videos you love to a private collection in one click

One of the advantages of the official TikTok website is how much it resembles the mobile app. If you use the mobile app, desktop TikTok will not cause any challenges. But to simply remind you, this is what you need to do in case you want to add a TikTok video to your favorites:

Log in or sign up at the official TikTok website.

Customize the “For you page.” TikTok is famous for having a great algorithm that recommends the TikTok videos that hit just right. To customize it, simply interact with a video: like it, share it with friends, or add it to your favorites. Use the search bar to explore topics you are interested in.

To add a video that sparked your interest, to TikTok favorites, click the bookmark icon. When you’re watching in default mode, the icon will be on the right side of a video, just like in the mobile app.

If you click on a video and watch in “cinema mode,” the bookmark icon will be moved under the description on the right side.

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And if you no longer find the video interesting?

Get rid of it in one click! To remove a video, open a video and click on a bookmark icon. It should change its color from yellow back to black. Do not click “Edit profile” as it changes the profile icon pic, the bio, and the name (not the things we are interested in).

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How to view favorites on TikTok PC website?

Firstly, login into your account. 

TikTok offers you many options; choose the one that fits you. Scanning a QR code with your phone’s camera is probably the easiest.

Next, you’ll see your profile icon in a circle in the top right corner. Click on it, and in the menu, select “Favorites” (once again with the bookmark icon).

The method that requires one more step would be to select “View profile” (with a little icon of a human) in the menu.

On the profile page, click “Favorites” under the profile description and other statistics.

If you decide to download the app, click on the “Get app” button in the bottom right corner.

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How to view favorites on TikTok PC app?

Log into your account. As TikTok offers you many options, choose the one that fits you.

After logging in, you are on the home page with “For you” videos. You’ll see your profile icon in a circle in the top right corner. Click on it, and in the menu, select Favorites (once again with the bookmark sign).

If you’d like to add one more step to get the same result:

In the appeared menu, select “View profile” (little icon of a human).

On the profile page, click “Favorites” under the profile description and other statistics.

Users can find an interesting bug: the “Get app” button in the bottom right corner does not go away even in the app.

That’s all needed information on how to view favorites on TikTok PC.

In the mobile TikTok app, you can save to your account for further use anything: favorite sounds, favorite effects, filters, etc. However, you are limited only to saved videos, when you open TikTok on your PC.

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TikTok is a website, adapted to PC, with an intuitive interface and without drastic design changes from the mobile app. TikTok users can see favorites both on the official website and app. To view your favorite TikTok videos, you need to go to your profile (the icon can be found in the top right side), next to the favorites tab located there.


How do I find my favorites on TikTok website?

Log into your TikTok account. The users can see their favorite videos on TikTok PC by clicking on the profile icon (in the top right corner) and selecting the “Favorites. Only videos are available to view; favorite sounds and effects are not within reach on PC at the moment.

Can you access Favourites on TikTok PC?

Yes! With new updates, the PC version of TikTok is absolutely “watchable,” and most of the necessary functions, like favorites, are available.

How do I find favorites sounds on TikTok PC?

Sadly, now it is unavailable to view favorite sounds on the TikTok PC website.

How do I find my favorites on TikTok PC Reddit?

See favorites in several steps:

Open the TikTok website, go to your page (by clicking on the profile image on the top right side), and select “Favorites”

Can I see my Favourites on TikTok PC?

Yes, currently, you can see your favorite videos on TikTok PC.

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