Is a 4GB Graphics Card Enough for Gaming?

Where games are becoming more hardware intensive, you might be wondering if a 4GB graphics card would do be enough to satisfy your gaming hunger? Well, it depends upon the type of games that you’ll play and at what resolution you would play them.

A graphic card is hardware that is used to increase the video memory of a computer and create a higher definition of the displaying quality. It makes the computer more powerful and improves image quality.

There are two types of graphics cards which are Integrated and Discrete. Integrated cards are mostly used in laptops that cannot be easily upgraded, and discrete are a type of external graphics card attached installed on a motherboard.

Is 4GB GPU enough for gaming
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What To Consider Before Buying Gaming Graphics Cards?

Users who are graphic design and gaming buffs may always look at graphic cards, which is an expensive computer component. Here we will share what else you need to consider before buying GPU.

Pricing factor

As per the pricing factor, no one would install the expensive card in a low-quality computer or, you can say, a budgeted processor. PC World recommends spending at least 30% of their budget on GPU, and with 30% of the allocated budget, you would be able to buy a GPU.


Graphics cards produce lots of heat, and this heat is displayed as a TDP value, which is enough to decide whether you need to go for this graphics card.

If the TDP value is high, your PC requires more fans to distribute heat, and obviously, fans require additional space and power, which makes a difference.

Smaller computer towers need a graphics card with low TDP values. Large computer towers provide more flexibility.


If you consider TDP value for space reasons, you need to consider the power supply, which is enough 8-pin or 6-pin connectors for the graphics card.

If you are running a 400-watt power supply with an overlocked 95 watt CPU and want to add a card with 250-watt TDP, you need a PSU upgrade. Make sure you have bought a decent power supply of at least 8- plus bronze.


Graphics cards always come from 2 and 12 gigabytes of RAM. There is so much which we need to decide for the optimum computer performance.

It’s essential to consider the memory space while buying the graphics card. If your PC has 8 GB system memory, your computer requires at least a 4GB graphics card for the best performance.

Video card memory holds anti-aliasing operations. Video memory is important in image quality because it gives you an opportunity to play games at higher resolutions.


Bandwidth is a significant amount of memory to access at any given time. GPU has more bandwidth where data gets fed at a faster rate.

You will have the highest quality video graphics to run games. You need to understand the bandwidth first about how it works.

It is determined when memory speed and bus width are combined. Clock speed is measured in MHz. Standard GPU can read 64 bits of information at a time.


Some monitors support HDMI, others use DisplayPort, and a few support USB type-C routing DisplayPort signals. Users planning to buy with connectors need a monitor and don’t have to buy an adapter. You should know the HDMI vs Display port.

Top 4GB Best Gaming Graphics Cards

You all should know the best 4GB graphics cards, which requires learning to interpret numbers and determining the essential parameters which will work for you. Here we have mentioned the top Graphics cards to buy:

1.   Asus TUF GeForce GTX 1650

GPU undergoes a series of challenges during compatibility tests whether the motherboards, chassis, and other TUF gaming alliance mechanisms.

Asus TUF GeForce GTX 1650 has a protective backplate to ensure all the details are safe during transportation and installation.

This model incorporates extreme auto technology, which shows the highest quality and consistency. It has a small size which is based on modern technologies.

2.   Gigabyte GeForce GTX

Graphics Card 4GB has Wind force 2X cooling technology with alternate spinning fans, composite copper heat pipes, and a direct graphics card touch. This feature distributes the heat efficiently.

Alternate spinning won’t cause airflow turbulent fluctuations. Adjacent fans perform rotation in the same direction. Turbulence badly affects heat dissipation. It eliminates the airflow conflict for improving pressure.

3.   MSI GeForce GTX 1650

MSI GeForce GTX 1650 delivers the best gaming experience with excellent overclocking capability. It keeps the temperature low.

4GB graphic card for PC has best capabilities with 7th gen thermal design incorporates high tech technologies to deliver best quality airflow pressure. It contains innovative TORX FAN combined with the best quality performance.

The Graphics card keeps the temperature low, which shows a noiseless experience. It comes with software to increase the gaming experience. It contains power connectors of 100W with HDMI and a display port.

4.   GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1650 D6

This 4GB graphics card comes with cooling technologies with a 3D active fan and alternate spinning fan. The combination of these tools causes temperature reduction.

Active fans cause the best heat dissipation, especially when the temperature is low with gaming. You will experience noiseless gaming because the cooling system allows splitting airflow through a triangle design. It allows significant airflow improvement.

How To Choose The Top Performance 4GB Graphics Card?

Integrated Vs Discrete GPUs

Graphics cards are divided into 2 groups which are integrated and discrete. Earlier GPU embedded in the same component as CPU itself. Users planning to run intensive software need to go for discrete graphics cars and their. Integrated graphics aren’t ideal for the overloaded task because it takes a lot of time to launch OS, web surfing, and casual games. Upgrade your desktop.

Nvidia vs AMD

If you want to invest in a graphics card, you should opt for the essential configurations required to power the monitor. Graphics cards are incorporated in GPU, and there are two manufacturers, NVidia and AMD.

Do you know these two brands are competitors, and if we take a look at past years, then Nvidia has a leading position in the market, but now the latest design produced by AMD has gained more attention?

You need to pick such brands as ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI to combine their technologies in buying graphics cards. Overall performance of GPU should be determined. GPU has different levels of performance, which depends on various factors.

Benefits of having a Graphics Card

Increase System Performance

Graphics cards perform graphics-related tasks. Graphic cards increase the overall performance of the PC. It helps to take off the load from the CPU because dedicated graphics card. It will free up the RAM from graphics data because the graphics card has its own video memory which is much faster than RAM.

Improve Graphics performance

The graphic card has more features and offers the best performance in graphics applications and software. It provides better performance, and you can watch movies in better quality with the best graphics card.

It will also help editing-based software such as video editing software and Photoshop with greater accuracy. You should go for a cooled graphics card because it will not ruin the movie-watching experience. It’s a great time to enjoy the movie theater experience.

Better Gaming Experience

Users who want to play the latest games should have graphic cards because they cannot do so without them. With integrated graphics you can’t play the latest games and if you either play the games then unable to get the desired frame. If you have decent graphics card within mid-range, you can play high-quality games.

Better driver support

Graphics cards give better driver support and are compatible with integrated graphics. It comes with a newer operating system when you want to run the specific graphics application or any software over the computer.

A brief video about games that you could play on a 4GB graphics card

Final Thoughts

A 4GB graphics card is enough for the gaming experience but makes sure you look at the rest of the configuration of your PC as well. To be honest, the sweet spot these days is having a 6GB graphics card on your PC, especially if you want to play games at a higher resolution.

Users who have a lower budget would get an entry-level graphics card, but if they can afford it, we suggest you get the highest quality graphics card to enjoy the latest games at 1080p.

As mentioned above, you can make your own choices that help finalize the favorite card as per the resolution and gaming experience.

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