Chillblast Unleashes The Ultimate Icon F1 Gaming PC

Chillblast Unleashes The Ultimate Icon F1 Gaming PC

It’s time to boost your gaming experience with the Chillblast’s Icon F1 Gaming machine natively made for Racing Simulator fans around the globe. I really liked the design of this gaming PC which looks like a V6 F1 car engine. Chillblast has opted for a high-end cooling solution and hardware to let you dominate the world of racing simulators.

Chillblast is known for producing high-end pre-built gaming PCs for hardcore gamers. The Chillblast Icon F1 Gaming PC is yet another expensive machine with unrivaled performance and style.

Chillblast Unleashes The Ultimate Icon F1 Gaming PC on Market
Chillblast Icon F1 Gaming PC Design

Specs of Chillblast Icon F1

Even by looking at the design of this beast gaming PC, you would be sure to find the most powerful hardware packed inside. I think Chillblast fully understands what Racing Simulator fans out there really need.

When it comes to specs, the Icon F1 is powered by the most powerful graphics card on the planet, the Nvidia RTX 4090. No doubt, at the time of writing this news article, this is the only card that easily handles most games at 8K resolution.

To keep up with the pace of a high-end graphics card like RTX 4090, Chillblast has opted for the 16-core AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor. And to make sure that there’s no delay between the CPU and graphics card, there are 64GB (2 x 32GB) 6000 MHz DDR5 RAM on the board.

The 64GB of physical memory on Chillblast Icon F1 allows you to open multiple programs simultaneously for multitasking without slowdowns or crashes.

All of these powerful parts are held together on an ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Hero motherboard, which I believe gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to high-speed USB ports for lightning-fast data transfer and hardware connectivity.

ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Hero found on Chillblast Icon F1 gaming pc
Source: Chillblast

The high transfer speed and multiple expandability options on the motherboard allow you to conquer any gaming challenge that comes your way.

To save your games and other media files, Chillblast has equipped the Icon F1 with two Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD drives with a total of 4TB of space. All of this means you can have an ample amount of storage capacity for your games, videos, or music files.

Moreover, having a high-speed NVMe drive would reduce the loading time between your gameplay, allowing you to dive straight into the gaming ground without waiting for hours.

To fuel up everything inside the case, Chillblast has opted for the Corsair RMx Shift Series 1200W 80 Plus Gold power supply. Now this is plenty of seamless power to manage the power demands of premium hardware packed inside the Chillblast Icon F1.

For me, it’s very hard to explain the PC case that Chillblast has used for building this gaming PC. Chillblast unlike using a traditional full tower case has instead customized the AZZA overdrive case and made it look more like a V6 engine used in F1 cars.

As the PC case used in building Icon F1 is more exposed to open air, you will experience more airflow even if you cramp it with bulky hardware.

The last feature that I believe is the main selling point of this gaming PC is customized liquid cooling. With 6 x 120mm radiators at the sides at one big 200mm leading at the front, this is the most insane airflow setup in a gaming PC I’ve ever seen.

radiators on Icon F1 Chillblast gaming machine

There are a total of nine radiators that keep your components cool even under a full workload. Within the liquid pipes runs the CryoFuel coolant that absorbs the heat from the whole rig.

Where Can I Buy the Chillblast Unleashes The Ultimate Icon F1 Gaming PC?

You can simply buy this gaming PC from the official website of Chillblast. But before you make up your mind to buy this gaming PC, just make sure you have enough cash in your wallet.

Right now, the Chillblast Icon F1 costs around $10,000, which is way too expensive. You can build an affordable gaming PC for less than $1000. But if we talk about the aesthetics, airflow, and performance of the Icon F1, then the price really doesn’t matter for gaming enthusiasts.

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